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I always find it interesting to hear what other people thought. Different strokes and all, some people dislike characters I liked and vice versa.

I can almost give Chapel a pass because of the time when the show was written. But you're right, and I always wondered why she had a crush on SPock, who didn't even bother to try showing interest in her. Maybe its one of those "Once you go Vulcan you never go back" things....

I think I read once that Denise Crosby left the show because her character was really not developing and served the same function as Worf. I could be wrong. She does have the distinction of the first regular trek cast member to be killed off. Pulaski was nothing more than a McCoy clone, and as someone said she was forgettable. Hey, be careful what you say about Gene Roddenberry. Back when the game launched I commented on how I thought some of Gene's ideas and concepts were a bit silly and hardcore fans would have been on my lawn with torches and pitchforks if they knew where I lived. . (For the record, I agree with what you said....I think the franchise got better once they "kicked Gene upstairs".)

I dunno...I think Jake was okay. He could have probably used a bit more development (he seemed like a lazy slacker as he got older) but I didn't dislike him.

VOY became the 7of9 show and I really did not like that. I prefer a 7of9 episode over a Neelix episode still. Someone mentioned Chakotay, and I can only say his characters failing was that he wasn't given enough to do. I did not like Kim very much, but he wasn't a bad character....I didn't like Belanna Torres much because she was too much like Worf Lite 2.0.

I still think Travis was the worst.
I do give the way women were portrayed in TOS a pass because of the era as well as NBC shooting down the original Number One being a woman. But TNG-era had no such excuse. I sometimes see Janeway scapegoated as the reason Voyager did poorly in the ratings, but anyone with more than a fifth grade education could tell the writing was bad.

Enterprise was even more recent in our cultural advancement from the 1950s but the only thing they could think to do with their women is rubbing blue jelly on them. STO, at least with NPCs make no difference between male and female and in that regards the game is admirable. The game fails with the PC 's models and the bridge bunnies.

I didn't dislike Jake. I just found him to be a non-entity. Overall DS9 was so well made even the Dabo girls were interesting. Not Jake. Never Jake.
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