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Engineers were fine early on. MW was castable on friends and gave a 90% Hull heal with consoles and I believe a hull resistance buff as well.

RSF had a 75% shield resist until shield resists were cut in half across the board.

The old skill system forced you to spec more carefully. Now you can have it all, only they benefit Tacs and Sci Caps more.

Different Consoles made a difference and you specc'd, depending on what ship you flew. Now with Doffs and Passive Heals/Regen, you can toss a couple Neutroniums and tank like a pro, no matter what ship you're in.
It might help if the (x) Fleet skills were folded back into different respective career powers. Eng Fleet becomes part of MW, Sci Fleet is part of Scattering Field (which while very useful honestly doesn't make much sense as a Sci power) and Tac Fleet could maybe be split between AP:A and GDF.

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