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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post

As for my least favorite character, that would have to be half the cast of Enterprise. So many of them just... bother me.
I can totally understand why you feel that my opinion again, here is what sunk Enterprise..

By the time ENT was aired TV shows were either fully changed or changing into the "arc" format. ENT tried to do the whole "one episode than rest to zero" thing. I'm sure they thought "we have a captain, a first officer, a doctor thats an alien, a vulcan....its gold!". But its not that least it isn't now and wasn't even then.

They also had to dance on eggshells about "trek history" so that restricted a lot of things. Personally I didn't have an issue with them rewriting some canon if the story was good. (the episode where CPT. Archer is tried by the Klingons...not good. It was so "we've seen this before in a better movie" feeling was strong in that one) I've said here or in another thread the "temporal cold war" was a bad idea...from what I hear though that was "executive meddling". Its a sahme because if you think of the premise, ENT had a lot of potential.