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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
As for my least favorite character, that would have to be half the cast of Enterprise. So many of them just... bother me.
I often felt that the ENT casting director must have been getting a lot of... how do I say this without being vulgar... "favours" . It's unbelievable how many gorgeous women appeared on that show without possessing an ounce of acting ability. To some degree I'm talking about the main cast, but for the most part, I'm thinking of the guest stars. There is no way that talent was the main concern during the audition process for that show. The law of averages just isn't that cruel.

Of course, there were some sub-par male actors as well, but I find that it's more noticeable among the women. These terrible casting choices were a big part of what killed the show.

Well, that, and deciding to make the main theme for a sci-fi series a country song about faith. Seriously, what were they smoking out there at Paramount?