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09-29-2009, 06:29 PM
1) It's been said that players will have a larger Bridge Officer pool available to them beyond simply the Officers in play at any given moment. Will unused Bridge Officers gain experience and level up at the same rate as those that were used, or will they have to be used to get experience?

2) Will any special abilities be received as rewards or are they all dependent on invested skills?

3) Will skill trees be the same for both factions or will there be any faction specific branches on the trees?

4) How will weapons be handled? Will a player be prevented from equipping a disruptor pistol if they have no skills invested in such a weapon? Or will they be able to equip any acquired weapons at any stage of the game only with penalty?

5) It's been said that Escorts will have more engineering stations than science vessels or cruisers, however it's also been implied in Dev chats that a player can make a ship like the Defiant take on more of a science role by equipping it with more science officers and equipment. Will ships be able to invest skills to open up more stations of a particular type? Even if a base Defiant has more tactical stations, is there some way to cross train with other ship types in order to create or swap out stations of a particular type?

6) Will there be any hidden skill sets that have to be unlocked by meeting a particular criteria? E.G. if I fight the Borg a lot might I unlock a skill node pertaining to the use of Borg technologies, even though such an ability would not have been made available had I not encountered the Borg?