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02-10-2013, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
Someone would have to set up this experiment with premade teams to provide hard numbers, but I would assume that one or two talented healboats and three to four escorts would be an ideal STF team mix. The idea being, the less time Escorts spend blowing up, the more DPS they can put out.

This is of course based on a series of assumptions. While five escorts would blow through everything, undoubtedly some would blow up in response. It hinges on the uptime of four escorts and a healboat providing more DPS than the uptime of a five-escort team, but I doubt a single healboat could tend to four escorts at once. Two skilled healers could almost certainly keep three escorts alive through a whole run barring sudden death torpedos, basically meaning sustained DPS.

I'd love to see some numbers on this sometime.
5 Escorts that actually bothered to cross-heal. None would blow up. Escorts can be replaced by anything escort like for similar results.

In the past it was atleast 4 escorts + 1 sci/carrier but they nerfed even the system drain.