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And THIS is precisely why a vote to kick tool is a very bad idea. It will become "Do as we so or we will kick you". No player should have to take orders from another player in a match. They should be able to play the match any way they want. And what would be to stop a team like that from kicking the player right before Donatara's ship gets blown up just to spite the player. Do you really think Cryptic is going to investigate every last claim of abuse on a vote to kick tool? They won't, they have a lot of better things to do.
You understand that this whole thing came out of you talking about a time when YOU ALMOST LOST THE MISSION FOR YOUR ENTIRE TEAM PURELY BECAUSE YOU WERE BEING AN ELITIST JERK, right? STFs are team missions that require teamwork to complete. If you aren't prepared to work as a team, including using the same strategy as the rest of the group, you shouldn't be playing them. Yes, that means that often someone is going to have to give orders during the course of the match, if for no other reason than to make sure everyone is on the same page, even if it would have worked another way too. That is the nature of our species, and you're going to have to learn to cope with it.

Your other objection is that there's a chance that 4 people are going to decide together to be complete jerks and kick someone purely for the fun of making them miserable. I simply don't buy that happening in anything close to a significant number of cases, and if it were it would be easily fixed by not allowing kicks after a certain point in the match (say a gate dead in KASE, both transformers dead in ISE, two cubes dead in CSE).

Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
The easiest way to solve this? Have your whole team send complaints about him to his fleet leader via the ingame mail. Then have everyone leave the match. Cryptic doesn't need to implement a technical feature to deal with the very small number of AFKers, we already have methods to deal with them on our own.
You're making 4 assumptions that will not be accurate for all cases.
1: you assume this player is in a fleet, not everyone is.
2: you assume that your team will know the leader of that fleet, which is highly unlikely given the number of fleets in STO.
3: you assume that the fleet leader will want to punish a person who did this, which need not be the case. This is all the more true since they will have no way to confirm your claim, and so it becomes the word of 4 strangers against the word of 1 member, and the potential for abuse here is at least as great.
4: you assume that the fleet leader will be able to punish a person who did this, which is totally inaccurate. The worst thing a fleet leader could possibly do to someone is kick them from the fleet, which is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of the game, especially since they can likely get an invite to another fleet soon after.

Of course, all that is on top of the fact that doing this means you don't get rewards for the mission and instead get a leaver penalty forbidding you from doing any more for an hour. For a player who only gets a few hours online in a day (and the devs think 3 is standard) that is a major hardship.

EDIT: My apologies, I did not realize you were not the person my first response was directed to. As a result, my tone was harsher than it should have been. However, my points stand.

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