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02-10-2013, 12:50 AM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
I always have a plan. Its called 'attack'.

If anything is annoying in ESTFs it is those who think they are being so helpful while 'defending' be it kang or probes or what have you and not contributing to the completion of the STF at the same time.

Kill bops as they spawn. If you cannot kill 3 raptors solo before they get to Kang you loose any right to complain about baddies or noobs. After you kill the two probes spawn a cube and kill it too, their is plenty of time.

Or realize you are not the greatest player of all time, accept the fact it is a PuG, and have fun shooting the baddies. Because to someone else you are as bad as those baddies you are complaining about.
signed, basically you know a player is an idiot or a noob when he parks his cruiser or carrier above the kang and thinks he contributes...he does not!
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