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02-10-2013, 02:50 AM
i like the akira, would like it more if it didn't have that carrier nonsense attached. its a ship with a turn rate disadvantage, but it can have pets that hold, and can run real more creative builds. DEM2, RSP2, EWP1, in addition to standard escort options its got several other things it can bring to bear. people who say it sucks were proboly trying to fly it like a normal escort, but it would require something a bit less cookie cutter.

with TB1, EWP1, and runabouts, you can have your opponent turning and moving much worse then you. or take DEM2, its very strong with rapid fire cannons, and can be a useful direct to hull damage buff.

you can run damage control doffs and have EPtS2 and any of the other EPtX1 skills both at their global with just 1 copy. get 2 attack pattern doffs and you can have APO at about its global if you have APD too. run 3 cannons and a torp to use the 3rd ens tac station for HY1, pare up the well times torp launch with the launch of that photon point defense console and you can potentially have more kinetic burst to hull.

ive been thinking about getting one for a wile, but them AP doffs are spendy, i'd want them first before i got the ship
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