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02-10-2013, 03:38 AM
wow, i made that opening post... in 2011 (props for the quick response time )

thx for the info, better late than never

i will play around with these settings ASAP and report my results.



hmmm... it doesn't really seem to get rid of the fisheyeperspective after all,
at least not without sacrificing too much FOV (nobody wants to walk around in sniper perspective all the time ;P btw. the Sniper view in Shooter mode seems to be set to FOV 33)

but it is certainly a fun setting to play around with and will make for some EPIC Screenshots

all Screenshots taken @ 1920x1080, not moving the mouse or changing zoom settings

FOV 70 -
FOV 55 -
FOV 40 -
FOV 20 -

FOV 40 -
FOV 55 -
FOV 70 -

i think i will zero in on FOV 50

you can see your ship / char just a bit closer, zoom a bit further out for normal playing, and on ground,
but inside ships everything seems just a bit closer, getting rid of that *too big* INTERIOR feeling that is omnipotent in STO

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