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Originally Posted by phalanx01 View Post
I don't mind the mission, it was good even for KDF, it makes sense somewhat, the enemy of my enemy is my friend so to speak.

What I do mind is the USELESS ship we got on the KDF side. Another Cruiser?! We need the K'vort class Escort that can finally match us up with the Feddy escorts like the Defiant!
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
The only reason the Rozhenko exists is because they didnt want to put a Starship ship, the Wells into the KDF hands.

So please, *DO* explain why its so bad a canon Timeship doing what Timeships are know to do instead of using a NON-CANON ship were its sole reason to exist is for the KDF not operating a "USS" ship?

Oh and I have no idea were the Klingons actually are in the 29th Century, Enterprise did put then as part of the Federation at that point, along with the Romulan but that is about it.

Correct me if I am wrong here but STO is set in a alternative time line to the ''normal'' one which the TV shows come from, which is basically Cryptic's get out of free card to bend the rules somewhat with how things are. Star Wars Galaxies also said the same thing if I recall to get around all the non canon stuff they put in that game.

So I don't think its that far fetched for the devs to of added a KDF version of the time police or w/e you want to call them in game since it is very clear that the KDF are not a part of the Federation. So really it wouldn't of taken them that much more effort to pallet swap a few things, its not like the ship is not already in the game after all.