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02-10-2013, 04:42 AM
That's strange, because everything works fine for me on Holodeck. At least for now... It's only the Tribble that's messed, and this started with the recent patch.

Screenshots to illustrate the issue:
Holodeck options - everything's fine
Default Tribble options - AA turned off
Tribble options with AA - the moment I turn AA on most effects go down and the tooltip states they're not available with my current GPU/Drivers.

I see absolutely no reason why this should be happening. I've got the latest drivers, rig that could handle such effects with ease, and the only thing I didn't try is reinstalling the game - assuming that would help in any way. Cryptic has changed something for whatever reason, perhaps when tweaking something in the game's engine, yet for some people it made things worse, not better.

Hope this will get looked into by the dev team...