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02-10-2013, 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by thratch1 View Post

According to the STO Wiki, anyway, the regular Aquarius does have the universal Boff stations.
By "the universal Boff stations" I assume reginamala meant the fully-universal setup that the Birds of Prey have, rather than a wimpy Lt+En universal that everyone's just going to use like an existing, tougher escort anyway (Patrol, Advanced, and Blockade Runner Escorts are the most likely setups I see, and all are tougher without losing much mobility). The advantage of a Bird of Prey is its flexibility combined with its ability to mitigate its fragility by using its Battle Cloak to escape a tough situation (using it to get away when your shields are already down) or to create a lethal alpha strike (by decloaking when your enemy's buffs run down).

The real kicker for the Fleet version is that there's no way to get the discount (though I think that owning the Tac Ody should do so for the Aquarius and the War Bortasqu' should do so for the Hoh'SuS... which is, by the way, in every way a superior ship), and yet the Fleet Aquarius does little to mitigate its problems compared to both BoPs and Escorts.