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02-10-2013, 06:02 AM
I'm going to have to offer a contrary opinion on this: Fly what you're happy to fly.

Opinions are all well and good, but that's ALL they are - opinions. There are players who'll make the Aquarius work for them - some may even make it work well. Yes, it's a watered-down Defiant, but seriously, this game isn't about doing what everyone else thinks you should do. And since they're improving it's shields it could well be a more viable option anyway.

My ship of choice is usually a Fleet Rhode Island - far from the most powerful ship in the game and definitely not a high DPS producer, but it's my favorite trek ship, has been since I saw it in 'Endgame', and I'm not having anyone tell me I should be flying something else.

If you want to buy the Aquarius I say go for it, and play STO the way YOU want to play it.
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Instead of asking the question "Why are players doing this?"

The question being asked is, "How do we stop players from doing this?"