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02-10-2013, 07:24 AM
ESD scale is just fine

DS9 is too big

K7 is ... Galaxy Class fits easily in Shuttlebay - TOO BIG,
has odd green nebula around it that doesnt even look good,
while in TOS and DS9 there was only black space
AND the interior resembles nothing that we've seen in either episode
(is ONE Station with TOS interior set too much to ask for?)

if any station in-game needs serious attention it is K7

DS9 could do with some downscaling, add it's proper (animated) weaponry

and the Spawnpoints are a mess gamewide anyway, everytime i warp out of DS9 i push other players away that camp the spawnpoint and get instantly pushed away myself by the next dude warping out, then fighting my way through 3 ships blocking my path .... etc. etc.

and in Sector Space you barely can see DS9 behind all the Dreadnoughts and Carriers.