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02-10-2013, 06:42 AM
I've got the Fleet version.

It's a beautiful ship, IMO. The silhouette reminds me of a heron.

Performance-wise, it's one of the best turning Federation cruisers. As somebody who plays both sides of the fence this makes me face-palm endlessly because the Negh'var, the KDF's "slow cruiser", turns even better.

Decent hull, decent shields.

The ensign engineer is a pain in the butt due to the fact that almost all ensign engineer abilities are fighting for the same cooldown and Cryptic won't listen to our ideas for fixes. I feel like I'm fighting one slot short because of this.

The LTC tactical gives you twice as many options as most cruisers (since your first slot is always always always Tactical Team). I went with attack pattern beta 2, and high yield 2 (which really packs a whallop with the romulan hyper-plasma torpedo).

The improved transwarp drive is both a blessing and a curse. It's GREAT for chasing down colonization and support doff missions! ... And it forces you to spend one of your active space slots on an astrometric scientist which has no combat relevance whatsoever or to switch constantly between fights.

The console layout is obviously all about causing damage. You've got your armor and you've got your pew pew. The ship is very light on science consoles, which is actually somewhat relevant now with the outstanding threat-scaling consoles. Dedicated tanks need not apply.

Soooo... Has some personality quirks but probably the best Federation cruiser for flying around and feeling like you're doing something. Better options available if you like being a brick or healer