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02-10-2013, 07:44 AM
To be honest, I (personally, my opinion, end of disclaimer) find auto-launch running counter to the idea of being a carrier pilot. I think it's part of the experience; seeing what wings need replacing, healing *gasp* my fighters and frigates where appropriate, and micromanaging their attacks, somewhat.

An indication of the health (or even existence) of said fighters and frigates would be valuable, though. It's doable to keep track of the status of Fer'Jai's and BoP's, but the smaller fellows, not so much.

However, my largest issue with the pet AI is that they tend to go AWOL. Every once in a while they decide to just go rogue and attack stuff on the other side of the map, completely ignoring my targets or commands (except recall, apparently). If they can get that fixed, I'd be a very happy player. Particularly as they seem to have improved pets' attention to fore weapon usage, in the current Tribble patch.