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02-10-2013, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by arcjet View Post
THIS is exatly and absolutely spot-on!

Additionally one simple question:
What if you could actually see the effect of skill values?

I mean, to be honest I haven't seen many games which make worse use of given UI space and explain fewer game mechanics in a more unnecessary way. Why is the reputation window too small and even lacking crucial item information (like set boni)? Why is the character and ship info window a complete mess?

STO does too much under the hood and gives too little info to the player, and although the simple nature of the game (mechanics) means that you can usually get along without major insight, it still doesn't really justify that. If it was a very complicated, balanced and well thought-out game system, a really sophisticated system, I would understand some secretiveness about how things work.

But as things stand, a UI and usability overhaul would be one of the most amazingly awesome improvements to the game.
Not doing it from scratch. That usually results in other flaws. Just iron out what's horrible. More info, better screen utilization, fewer mouse clicks.
Fewer mouse clicks?

We are talking about the same game here, right?

The one that makes you click:

Inventory>Replicator>Scroll>Select Item>Replicate>Click Number Box>Type Number>Confirm>Character Sheet>Reputation>Contribute>Scroll Bar>Confirm

As a way to simply contribute some EC to a reputation project.

I don't think fewer mouse clicks are in our future.