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Originally Posted by pyryck View Post
So OP, in other words you would like for Ford Motor Company to make a Corvette, or Porsche 911? Maybe Chevrolet can make some Mustangs or Lamborghini's? Or even better still, Hyundai can start making F150 Trucks and Silverados!

Those games that you mention are owned by other companies and Cryptic's ST IP license does NOT allow them to "remake" those older games.

Yes they may have been fun. At least BOTF was to me. I don't know about the other game as I never played it or even heard of it before your posting.

Zipagat - Under Win7 you can run XP Mode or an XP virtual computer that could possibly allow you to enjoy those games again. I can't go into technical details here in the forums, but the information is available out on the web to set up and run these two features available in Win7/8.

I'm aware , though it is often not that simple, a lot of older games were never designed to run or understand things like multi core processors , when new worlds came out the top processor was the Pentium 3.
More popular games usually are a bit easier to get running as there are more people working on fixes and workarounds and such.
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