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Was that going to be entry 5?
(No, lol, but what an adventure none the less )

Lt. Commander Luke Minhere looked at the last entry of Captain Marrick, as he did time to time. The leather seat he now sat in once belonged to the commander, but the ship he now captained was new.
"I was recieved as a hero, and yet you were the hero", Luke said, a frown on his face.

It was true that Luke was able to change the phasers to adapt to the Borg's ability to, well, adapt. He excelled in weapons of all kinds. The phaser's change was to the decimal, so they could have literally fought them for days. They did not need to, they only needed to hold them off long enough for the transporters to do their job.
As Captain Marrick wrote in his log, it became a chase.Their captain was dead. The commander was in sick bay, and would die days later from a severe brain injury. The engines were holding, but the Borg would catch them soon enough.
Everyone now looked to Luke for the answer. Lt. Commander Pac Ishoz, an Andorian, pulled Luke aside.
"Lt. Minhere, I believe we can transwarp, but it will be extremely dangerous," he offered.
Luke looked him over, his normally bluish skin was a bit more pale.
"Pac, you hold rank over me," Luke said, with a slight tug of a grin on his face.
"Rank does not make a person a leader, it simply means I know the job I do. Everyone is now looking to you sir, and quite frankly, while I know it's a solution, I do not want to make the decision."
Luke nodded a bit, then looked at the screen that showed the Borg ship matching them speed for speed. It would not be long before they adapted, and would close in.
"Fair enough, out with it," he said.
"If we can put all power to the shields around the warp core, I can place a certain amount of quantum mines within it. We can set them off, causing an explosion. If calculated just right, the small area will hold the blast, and cause it to implode. The implosion will then create a small black hole, which will give off enough energy to push us into transwarp, before the singularity contains the blast itself."
Luke looked to the engineer, considering the proposal.
"And what of the black hole, wont it..." but Pac was already shaking his head no.
"A black hole that small will evaporate within moments."
"Make it so, Lt. Commander," Luke said, and those five words would be the words that pushed him into captaining his own ship.

Of course it all worked. Lt. Commander Pac Ishoz was quite good at what he did. He excelled in quantom mechanics, warp drives, and even singularities. He would later explain to Luke that the formula, R_{\mu\nu\rho\sigma}R^{\mu\nu\rho\sigma} , tells us that the singularity may have become a wormhole in itself, and transported them, well, somewhere else. Where else, he was not sure. Another galaxy, or into a star, or into another universe. Who knew?
Luke was sure he did not know, and no matter of explaining by Pac would help him know any better. Luke simply stopped Pac when he began to explain that the Ashtekar variables were a factor but, "but I really don't understand what you are saying, Pac, and you are giving me a headache."
Pac stopped explaining.

Luke, Pac, and Nasza were awarded for their bravery, and their ability to work under such duress. The entire crew was commended for their efforts. Luke was made captain of the U.S.S. Wolfpack, a brand new Support Cruiser for the fleet. Admiral Quinn explained that they were in need of as many ships as possible, and that he would make captain soon enough. Pac and Nasza were added to his crew, along with 698 others that he was now responsible for.
Luke scoffed, and leaned back into the soft leather chair. A great captain was dead. The U.S.S. Nina was in such bad shape that they would not be able to repair it. The engines were destroyed in the transwarp. The hull was compromised in too many places, weakened in too many more.
And he, Luke Minhere, was hailed as a hero.
Luke wondered if they would hold him in such high regards had they only known that he was to blame for some of the things that lead up to the entire incident.

"Lt. Commander, we are cleared to dock at the Earth Space Station," a voice came over the comm informing him.
"I will be right out," he said, taking a last look at the screen, the final log of Captain Marrick and the U.S.S. Nina, then turned if off as he stood, and exited the ready room.

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere

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