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I'm currently saving Zen for an Excelsior cruiser (unless I get a ton of recommendations against it). My question is, if you have this ship, what do you think of it? I've heard a lot of good things about it.

ALSO, if I buy the C-store version, (I want it to be account wide obviously) can I get the fleet version for 1 fleet module? Just asking because the fleet starbase price seems to be 5 FMs, (different from the other fleet ships) so I wanted to make sure the pricing is not different somehow for this ship. Thanks for your help!
It's a great fed PvE DPS cruiser, tying with the Regent in my opinion. As a fed cruiser it's a dream to fly with it's good turnrate. While the tactical Odyssey can also be made into a very good DPS cruiser with the aid of the saucer seperation console, the consoles cooldown kinda restricts it's usefulness. Also the fleet excelsior and regent get an extra tactical console.

Then there's the regents innate transwarp ability, which makes doffing faster. It's because of this innate ability that it normally costs 5 FM.

Personally I prefer the regent for the extra tactical station (I like flying with two ensign tactical teams and two offensive tactical powers), but the better turnrate of the excelsior is very helpful.

Also I personally prefer the look of the excelsior to the majority of the T5 cruisers, which look way too fancy, overdeveloped and aerodynamic. Don't get me wrong, it's not as nice looking as the Ambassador class and the Constitution class, but I really prefer it's look to the Odyssey.
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