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02-10-2013, 11:05 AM
I came on last night, forced my complaining crew into a ship they wouldn't normally fly, gave them consoles they wouldn't normally use, and took away their sexy sets. Alongside a full team of Lag Industries players at the time on the forums, and was met with "Oh hey, yeah - it's not going to happen "soz!""

I was then told that TSI and a bunch others came on at an earlier time then our 10 or so players from XYZ fleets and did their own thing?

Who dropped the ball? We came expecting to take part in something that took HOURS of tedious TS conversations only to be told it'd fallen through. Why can no group or individual manage even the most simple tournament in this community without in-fighting or sloppy organization to foil it at the final hurdle?

Do I sound alittle annoyed about it? Yeah I am from reading back, but I think I and anyone else who took the time to put a build together have reason to be.