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There have been a few foundry missions that I consider to be bad dreams just because the dialogue was so out of character for the toon that played it. Most of these are on the KDF side and stem from the player's (who is assumed to be a typical Klingon warrior by the author) interaction with Gorn NPCs. But my KDF main is Gorn, so having another Gorn refer to him as "the oppressor of my people" is just weird.
There were some I considered "holonovels" my character played, because they either had my captain or my BOFFs acting in an out-of-character, unprofessional way.

The kind of issue you bring up, though, is why I write branching dialogue, which allows the player to customize the experience for his or her captain, sometimes even the BOFFs. But yeah, I agree that except in some very special circumstances (such as your toon explicitly being in a holonovel playing someone else's role), writing a backstory for someone's captain or BOFFs could really backfire and throw the player out of the story.

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