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# 1 Lockbox Ships
02-10-2013, 10:29 AM
Is there a way to store them anywhere else then the shipyard or share it between chars ?
I quess not because then they might loose money on it, but I would suggest something possible to store these ships because when deleted you can get it back instead off spill out another wallet off money and be lucky to get that ship back and offcourse getting back all weapons, shields, engines, deflector and console stuff.
It happend to a friend off mine and he was verry upset on loosing the ship he won with the lockboxes. so after that he had to start buying lots off boxes when he finaly had his ship back he still needed to buy fleet weapons, shields, engines, deflector and consoles.
so the cost was prety high on that....

Thats why I would like to ask is there a way when winning a ship that it automaticly saves so you could get it back from C-Store or whatever.... ????