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02-10-2013, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
It's not just that nobody will sell to you for 25 if you use the default value, it's that they literally can't.

The system is automated in an interesting way. Nobody actually buys, you either sell dilithium or sell zen. The system them matches up offers at the best rate. If you post dilithium at 100 per zen, but the lowest available is 91 per zen, you'll get your zen and a 9 dilithium refund. If you post it at 25 per zen, it won't sell - anyone who posts zen at 25 will end up getting 92, the highest unpaired dilithium offer.
That has never been my experience. If I post dilithium at 80/zen and the lowest buy is 91/zen (as it was yesterday evening) my sale sits there waiting.

Once someone is willing to buy at my price it will fill, apparently "last in first out" but I'm not sure how official that is, I've just seen it bandied around the forums.