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02-10-2013, 10:45 AM

1) Always remove ship consoles/weapons prior to discharging the item. As your friend learned, you lose whatever you keep on the ship!

2) Cryptic allows you to buy extra ship slots. Thus, you do not have to discharge lock box ships (nor should you really unless your absolutely certain)! Remember, other than lock box ships, lobi ships, tier token ships (gained from reaching a new level) and fleet ships you can reclaim any discharged ship purchased from the C-Store and reclaim them again afterwards. The aforementioned ships are once off's and will be forever lost if discharged!

3) If you do not wish to use cash for these extra ship slots, grind for them instead. Get some dill, convert it to Zen, and purchase said slots.

This doesn't help your friend or you I suppose but knowledge is power!
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