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Not in my entries, but in past Trek. grylak already identified Rain ; a little research on Memory Alpha and/or Beta (with particular attention to "Assignment: Earth", "City on the Edge of Forever", and "Future's End") should fill in the rest of the context for you. (You'd probably have to watch the episode to get why she misses Saturn. )

I had to think for a while on what the crew would be doing there before I came up with "Project Alexandria." There are other teams, of course, doing much the same all over the world. The coolest part, to my mind, is that they know exactly what they can safely take - everything that history records as being lost.
Ahh, Rain Robinson was an awesome character, I just wondered if that had been some kind of codename, but awesome to see that she's doing useful things

I think it's a fantastic idea, and can't think of anything more tragic than lost knowledge, or intentional book burnings (as a student, I hated even making notes on pages) I kept my entry pretty much in line with the LC guideline, I think for the next challenge, I might see if I can simply write something 'inspired by' part of the guidelines, like this entry