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02-10-2013, 12:37 PM
I'm in a fleet with just over 80 players (which is hardly a small group) in the process of the Tier II starbase upgrade as we speak, and the idea that we'll finish Tier V before 2013 is over is outright laughable. The demands are totally out of whack with reality. Especially considering there is so little real reason to actually go to either the starbase or the embassy.

The whole system is half finished and needs significant additions, as well as addressing the utterly absurd dilithium demands. Until the starbase/embassy are part of actually playing the game, and not just glorified vendors you have to pay a couple million dil for, the system is broken.

There should be fleet-specific PvE missions that launch from the starbase that award Fleet Marks and Dilithium. There should be fleet-specific text based diplomacy missions that launch from the embassy that award Fleet Marks and Dilithium (something like the diplomatic equivilant of the Explore Strange New Worlds/We Need Breathing Room random missions). Give me a reason to be there.

I still enjoy the fleet, because for the most part the company is good. That's why you should stay in a fleet, in my opinion. Good people that enhance your enjoyment of the game. These are people I enjoy seeing, playing with, and talking to. That's the value of a good fleet.

But the actual bases themselves are priced totally out of relevance.

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