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02-10-2013, 11:43 AM
Just to chime in on some things that others have mentioned:

- The Atrox turns very slowly and you have a number of items in your loadout that rely heavily on your facing (torpedoes, mines, gravity well, the DBB, etc). This honestly looks like a loadout for a smaller, more nimble vessel.

- You may want to consider your primary tactics and build around that. Your build appears to be very front loaded with an emphasis on controls so I would suspect that you typically get into position and hold with your nose pointed at more-or-less stationary targets? If that's the case then your aft weapons probably don't get much of a workout. On the other hand if your intent is to unload controls on approach, pass and then unload your mine and the bio-torp as you leave then you've got a blind spot to the sides forward, no overlap with your beams and no way to effectively drop enemy shields for the bio-torp to do its best damage.

- If you're using Tractor Beam Repulsors for damage you want to minimize the push effect by dropping your Aux power on demand, for which Aux2S is decent, Aux2Bat is better. You may also want to consider switching that and your Tractor Beam3 around.