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02-10-2013, 01:12 PM
I'll be the first to admit that zone chat is no intellectual nirvana, but it gets irritating quickly when ever third line is a recruiting ad, every fourth is someone wanting to buy or sell something for some price ridiculously different that in the exchange, and if that person is making the same identical post every 5 to 10 seconds, that is spam.
So maybe it is a knee-jerk reaction to report someone else for making a single post that looks similar, but if gets point across that that is not what the zone chat channel is for, so be it.
The exchange shows the price of keys that players are willing to sell them for and anyone looking to unload keys at a lower price will have already done so by underselling his competitors in the exchange, so calling out for such in chat is pointless.
It is true that the muting function can be abused and does need a more refined process, with perhaps default trade and recruiting channels that are immune to muting, but in many cases it is serving the function it was intended for in Zone chat.