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Originally Posted by djf021 View Post
It's ok, I don't mind getting other thoughts as well. In fact, if there's anyone out there who has the Aquarius and DOES make it work well, let me know how you do it. Thing is I know I could get a better ship (and do have them) I've just got a bunch of fleet credits burning a hole in my pocket lol, with not much else to do with them.
if you dont have it, buy the free Odyssey. it is pretty much one of the best cruisers out there, and costs the same. aka it is not a waste of money like the aquarius (even with the added hull it will probably be useless compared to other escorts, I suspect that added amount will only be enough so the ship wont be called junk anymore)

also, just to answer the question, what is wrong with the aqua: everything

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