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02-10-2013, 01:58 PM
If it's a copy-cat update, it has to be said that TOR chose to only copy the good bits, and the stupid parts got left out.

A key feature of Galactic Reputation is the fact that it is bound to your Legacy instead of your character. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the consequences of your character's actions can span generations, and heroism is hereditary. This means that all Reputation Points and ranks that you earn are shared across your entire Legacy, and all characters in your Legacy contribute Reputation Points to the same shared pool. Once you've unlocked rewards or titles, all characters in your Legacy will have access to them.

AFAIK, every character on an account can be part of the same Legacy, so while you could conceivably grind everything on the same character, there's no real reason to because everything goes into the same pool of glorified XP.