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02-10-2013, 02:13 PM
Very interesting about Cryptic turning of AA by default because during their Tribble test weekend for season 7 and subsequent Holodeck release, I was getting low rez texture problems and didn't know why. And after submitting a ticket and posting my problem on the forum with no response or solution, I was able to deduce the problem which I posted in this thread:

Originally Posted by saltypineapple View Post
Well I finally figured out my low rez texture problem and it had to do with antialiasing. Once I disabled it in game, my video memory overload problem leading to a texture reduction ceased resulting in textures loading properly once again. I than forced AA in my nvidia control panel to remove the jaggies.

To reiterate, this was not a problem in S6 but I noticed it within the tribble server prior to the release of S7. It has remained a problem, at least for me and of course others within this thread, ever since.

To those wondering I am using two MSI nvidia GTX580 cards with 3GB of vram a piece using driver build 310.64.
I will check Tribble and verify my AA is still working through the nvidia control panel.

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Worst thing is, I can't seem to force AA through nvidia control panel in STO... There goes my hope for a workaround, should this "feature" go live... *sigh*

It's clearly an issue with AA solely. I certainly hope this will get looked into, because I'm sure I won't be the only one to experience this drop in graphics quality if this actually goes live (and, sadly, it proably will...).

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