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*throws theta radiation out the window* I agree with that one, doesn't work well for me. Might be good for my fleet deep space science vessel.
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Personally, I don't like chroniton torpedoes. The slow is nice, but nothing slows an enemy quite like being dead, and chroniton torps aren't good for that compared to most of the other types.
Actually, the slow can be useful together with the grav wells, since grav well's pull is by no means good, and this will at least make it harder for them to go out. Also, with no reliable means to drop enemy shields fast, I need to keep firing on them, or to go for transphasics, I suppose.
As far as broadsiding the atrox, I don't believe I'd do this better than a cruiser. 8 > 6 as far as weapon slots go, and I already have a broadsiding cruiser for my engi. I don't see how a sci will do better at it. I want to focus on one thing, and actually be able to do it properly.
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- The Atrox turns very slowly and you have a number of items in your loadout that rely heavily on your facing (torpedoes, mines, gravity well, the DBB, etc). This honestly looks like a loadout for a smaller, more nimble vessel.
Never had much of an issue with this on STFs, things there don't tend to move at more than 0.1 km/h. Due to this speed, I can mostly sit in one spot and shoot stuff. If I need to turn, there's evasive maneuvers and subspace jump as well. Also, since torpedoes don't do less damage over higher distances, or at least that's what I think, I can sit behind, which makes my firing angle decent.
Also, there's a blind spot between the 90 arc on the DBB and torpedoes and the beams, but just going to 1/4 speed and slightly turning left or right gets things into the firing range of the torpedoes.
The mines serve a couple of purposes for me. They aren't a source of dps, but they can be rather efficient at intercepting random high yield plasma torpedoes fired by borg.

Edit: and thanks for the replies so far. ^_^

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