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first let me say that i haven't been on tribble in over 2 years, so perhaps the answer to this is simple and i'm just not seeing it...

i have about 2000 zen on holodeck. i finally decided to gear up my federation scientist for actual game play, instead of just using him to screw around and be retarded.

two of my favorite ships in trek are both sci ships, the relativity, and voyager, and i'm excited to finally fly one of them. however i have a problem with trying to test them.

first problem. i transferred my character to tribble, and went to go buy voyager from the c-store, however only 500 zen is showing up. i deleted and copied again, and saw the same thing, only 500 zen. i did notice that the transfer page said it could take 2 hours, and i did log in immediately after transferring. so maybe it just needs more time to copy everything over? but im positive that its my current character thats there because of other things on this character. i'm pretty sure everything else is there too, just not all my zen... do i need to convert to dilithium first, then copy character, the convert back to zen on tribble?

second problem. the relativity is of course, in a lockbox, so i need keys. however i dont see keys in the c-store. has it really been that long since tribble was updated? keys have been around a long time, and it was my understanding that tribble has everything that holodeck has, plus more that is being tested for the next patch. so where are the keys? i even checked the exchange, but there were none there. i can buy keys with either zen or credits, but i dont have enough credits to just buy the ship on the exchange (if there are any there), so i need keys. but if they're not in the c-store or the exchange, then where are they?
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