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02-10-2013, 02:41 PM
I PVP a lot in Kerrat, about 2 hours a night, and I was running Fleet weps on all my ships, I then spent about 10 mil EC and went out and got XII purple (Acc)x2 Crth weps off of the exchange and put them on my escourt and wow what a difference. If you read the PVP forum posts they all agree the DMG modifer is junk and the most valueable wep modifer is ACC, thats why ACC x2 and ACCx3 weps are the most expensive weps on the exchange. Damage dosent matter if you cant hit your target. I then did a respec and focused on Crit chance and then loaded up the Borg Console and the Temporal console from the lobi store that boost crit along with 2 of the Romulan Boffs that give a %2.5 bonus to crit passive and it took me to a whole other level of play. Watching the parser roll of "crit, crit,, crit,crit, over and over with 2200,1998,2300,3100,2000, over and over each shot with no misses, So right off the bat I would loose the fleet weps and get some ACC x2 Crth weps, Also if you can get you hands on a Galor you can load out your Fleet Excelsior with the ACC x2 spiral Disruptor beams and really put in some work with 4 XII Purple Disruptors Tac consoles and slap on a nice XII EPS manifold and BO3 and you can one shot BOP's with a nice BO3 hit with a Crit.