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02-10-2013, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by kirk2390 View Post
Normaly it would make sence to do like you say but if you are busy with sto turn away to drink some coffee and your child think he can do the same and delete your ship your are angry right ?

Not at your child but on cryptic for not giving a option to somehow save the ship onto the system thats whats this is all about not because he or I won't buy anny slots.
It's more like you allready spend a lot off real money or ours off grinding to get the ship and the stuff and then loosing it like that is no fun at all.

Not seeing how it's Cryptic's fault a person is an inattentive parent who is in the bad habit of leaving his or her computer unattended while still logged into the game. A child can't just click and delete a ship by accident.

The child first has to go to the shipyard.
Then go to the right contact.
Then select a ship
Then choose to discharge it.
Then type in the correct name including upper and lower case letters and punctuation before finishing the discharge process.

It takes less than a minute to logout, and login to the game and that prevents junior from deleting anything "accidentally".