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02-10-2013, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by monsterofblood View Post
Well i'm sorry to hear that you guys feel it isn't worth it. I believe it is .... for recruitment purposes its a gold mine, for bragging rights just like the accolade system, I believe it's worth it because the KDF starbase is beautiful and we can drink a bloodwine buff up same as a tribble. New fleet ships will be added in the future and you will lose members to large fleets who have the new ships. yes it costs alot to build but it's worth it.
No if there's no one left to recruit. Nah, Starbases were a total bluf. Actually, more people is leaving the game and our fleets because of starbase, embassy and rep system, than we can recruit, I. Yes, your toon can drink boodwine in your starbase, but the game's still getting empty. Maybe the bloodwine is not enough reason to spend 1-2 years of great effor upgrading a virtual starbase of a game without content for it.

Appart from the bloodwine and the tribbles, of course.