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02-10-2013, 04:35 PM
Lets get this back on track. This post is about the results of Crafting Protype Consoles from Powered Alien Artifacts. My crafting as produced a high number of the same consoles over and over. The Tac consoles like Directed Energy Modulation, Pre fire chamber and Warhead yeild chamber. And Lots of Sensor probes and Bio function monitors. Several other players that do lots of crafting of these consoles also report the same thing. Cryptic has said: No it completly random. All I am asking is a way to test it on a large sample size. If there was a way to do the mission on Tribble with no cooldown and unlimited Artifacts, I personally would do 5000 or more and record them all just to put the issue to rest. Or if a DEV would just set up a test account on Holodeck or Tribble and run a Macro to repeat the mission and disable the cooldown and give the test toon say 100,000 artifacts and then let it run and then post the results so we can see its fair or admit that there is something wrong. Or the last option is to keep this Post alive and have the community add to my results and prove it one way or the other ourselves. But after reading posts from 6 or 7 other high number crafting players that are saying that the same junk consoles are showing up over and over and that the most wanted consoles hardly ever show up.

The junk.

(Tac: Pre-fire, Directed-Energy, Warhead Yeild. The Junk Eng: Shield,Wep, Eng power boost Emergency Force Fields. THe Junk Sci: Sensor Probes, Bio Function, Countermeasure, Power insulator.)

These Consoles Drop more that any other. And mine and other players results show it. So we just want to know why these consoles are showing up more than all the others

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