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02-10-2013, 04:35 PM
Well in any case we're not talking about actual AI, but about damage and resistance. Its a way that this game uses to make the thing more "challenging", instead of scripting a good AI, make the borg/romulan deal millions of damage on invisible shoots, and give any NPC cruiser 1 million hull HP, and that's the lazy way to get "challenging" PvE.

And talking about dumbing down... Today I first runned a mission in New Romulus. Just curiosity. It was in those caves in the crater, I think is a Tier 4 rep mission. Lel. Every time I got killed, I just respawned instantly in the same place. The more I repeated the process, the more easy it gets, cause my boffs also respawned with full hp while the tholians just were loosing it. So, why die? Why just dont make the PvE in godmode and talk clear? Or just skip the mission and let me to the cutscene.

Meh, those cutscenes...