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02-10-2013, 03:40 PM
1. People come to play a game. Not play a sensitive fanboy unlike others. Most new players will be in the game and not on the forums. Am sure they will understand that most opinions are just that and will not read too much into what others have to say, good or bad, about the movie.

I can't imagine people will quit a game because someone dissed a movie that they may have or may have not liked. Gameplay, bugs, and how the game design relates to the ST universe will be the criteria for staying/ leaving rather than some forum ramblings.

2. Guess that point made it across to you as you did not reference it.

3. Whatever the red matter device's function, it was PRESENT in the movie and MADE it's way into the game so that disproves what you said earlier.

JJSPock's VO was a nod to the movie from the game. Guess you missed that. Quelle suprise!

4. CBS owns the Intellectual Property rights. Paramount owns the movie licensing. Just like how Disney owns Marvel as an IP and Paramount the movie rights. That's ok if you do not understand what IP holders are. Most people really don't.

I never said this game was about to catering to the JJTreker. I just said that the movie will promote interest in all things Star Trek aka make the IP popular again. It has no bearing on how un-JJTrek STO is.
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