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"So, you are a captain," the young ensign asked, her lashes batting, her full red lips slightly parted.
"No, he is not," a female voice said from behind Luke, the woman apparently looking over his shoulder at the ensign. The lounge on Starbase 47 was becoming crowded, though by Luke's count there were only three of them in there, along with the one bartender.
Luke looked behind him.
"Sezirea, what are you doing here?"
"I guess I should leave you two alone," the ensign said, as she got up to leave, her short skirt barely covering her unmentionables as she spun away.
"Wait, no no, you can," Luke began.
"You can carry on, right on out of here young lady, and report to your own captain," Sezirea finished for him. "Are you even old enough to be in here?"
Luke watched as the pretty blonde recruit slinked out of the lounge, then looked to Sezirea. Sezeria was beautiful, it was true, but Luke also had seen photos of when she was a man. This took away all thoughts of conquering the Trill.
Well, almost all thoughts.
"Now why did you go and do that," Luke asked, shaking his head a bit.
"That is Admiral Lorin's daughter and Admiral Lorin does not know the word 'forgive'," his Lt. Commander said, an eyebrow raised at him.
"Put that eyebrow away, Lt. Commander. I am a big boy and I can take care of myself," Luke offered, then slammed back his synthale.
"Why are you here, and don't tell me it was to save my virtue?"
This of course brought a chuckle to Sezirea, and a shake of her own head.
"No. I have given up on that a long time ago," she said, though that was not exactly true.
"Git is asking for you."
"Ah, my Ferengi friend. What manner of profit has he in store for us?"
"I didn't ask, and I would suggest you not ask," she replied, motioning the bartender over.
"Heh, well, Git isn't that bad. I have been knowing him for some time."
"Git is a Ferengi, and thus, by nature, a crook," Sezeria offered, then ordered herself a drink.
"Stop being so prejudice. He only believes in true capitolism, is that so bad?"
"Why do you need capitol? Earth itself has not had that type of system for centuries," she supplied, then stopped and looked to him.
She had forgotten, and regretted it immediately.
"I am human, Sezirea, but not an Earthling," Luke reminded her. "And Git is not a crook."
"Sorry boss," Sezirea offered, their spar now over. "I did come to tell you that he enquired of you though," thinking that should make up for calling Git a crook.
"That you did," Luke smiled again, a very handsome smile at that, with his dark eyes now fixed on Sezirea. "For that I will buy you another drink. I like this base, it is nice and quiet. Not like some of those others in this system."

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere