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02-10-2013, 03:52 PM
I've found the ultimate solution, whenever the games gets goofy, lagging and disconnecting me, I just go play a different game. I suspect that what I am doing is what a lot of this non complaining multitude that Bran mentioned are doing.
It's pretty simple to figure out, played the game for months, no problem, then one patch to "improve server stability" during this event and suddenly start getting repeatedly DCed, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. The server could appear to be running fine but if a setting has been changed to drop connections sooner, some latency tolerance set too low, some time-out set too short, the server still looks fine but now players are getting disconnected repeatedly rather than just lagging a bit.
I love playing STO, I like the ships, I like the genre, I love science fiction and I want to play it consistently, but I don't need to play STO, it's not the only game around.
The balloon party popper was a stupid idea, letting numbskulls spam zones with hundreds if not thousands of useless objects that the server has to track. Hopefully some sense of normality, such as it is, will return once this stupid event is over, but I seriously hope PWE and Cryptic are giving some thought to capacity and bandwidth for when the May update comes around. These DCs are like an open wound that will slowly bleed them customers. Using practices that openly discourage customers, doesn't sound very smart to me. A stable server isn't worth much if it can't be used.

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