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02-10-2013, 03:54 PM
+2.50% (Base)
+2.00% (9 in Projectile Specialization or 9 in Energy Specialization)
+0.76% (Tachyokinetic Converter)
+0.92% (Borg Assimilated Module)
+1.80% (Zero-Point Energy Conduit)
+3.00% (T2 New Rom Passive)
+6.00% (CrtHx3, 2% per)

The Acc overflow will vary a great deal - depends on how high you can boost your Acc and what they've done to boost their Def when you try to hold them still for the -15% Defense (modified by several factors and can easily be a positive number instead). Various things come into play when doing this dance.

Not sure what the Rom Tac BOFFs give nor where they currently stand as far as stacking or not.

Various BOFF abilities will temporarily increase it, and you can even DOFF other abilities so that when you run other, fun - eh?

There's even gear that will increase Specialization that will increase that bonus, hrmmm...