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Subjective. As someone who has been a "Star Trek" fan for thirty years, I have seen many games fail regardless of a movie release. Second, "Star Trek: Into Darkness" already has a direct tie-in game, which is scheduled to be released in the first quarter. April 23, 2013.
Games fail on their own merits or lack of... and for what they fail to deliver to an expectant playerbase. Bad design, bugs, poor customer service, etc. Like you, I got just as much water under the bridge and have seen every ST movie in theater.

Never said that the new ST movie was going to be tied into STO. That new FPS has that covered, like you said. I saw that news on just like I see STO there.

The new movie is just going to create new buzz around the IP as a whole. Name branding in other words.

Again, Cryptic would be stupid to not take advantage of a new ST movie and help ride it's coat-tails. Not saying direct movie tie-ins but jumping on social media and internet advertising to help promote the MMO. hashtag star trek just needs to add an "online" in order to do it.
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