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Games fail on their own merits and for what they fail to deliver to an expectant playerbase. Bad design, bugs, poor customer service, etc. Like you, I got just as much water under the bridge and have seen every ST movie in theater.

Never said that the new ST movie was going to be tied into STO. That new FPS has that covered, like you said. I saw that news on just like I see STO there.

The new movie is just going to create new buzz around the IP as a whole. Name branding in other words.

Again, Cryptic would be stupid to not take advantage of a new ST movie and help ride it's coat-tails. Not saying direct movie tie-ins but jumping on social media and internet advertising to help promote the MMO. hashtag star trek just needs to add an "online" in order to do it.
Like it has been said, the licensing is a big issue, the other obvious issue is it's an alternative reality, the stuff that happens in the 2009 and the new movie simply never happened (or happened differently) in the prime universe. You simply can't intertwine the happenings of the two realities together because some happenings will exclude the other ones since they happen at the same place/time and they were done by the same people.

To put it simple, there wouldn't be any sense of putting JJ stuff in this game because they would either have to be a low-tier specific, and thus, not end-game ships they couldn't price up (even in case if they would bring the ships for example as a form of some alt reality ships/lockboxes et cetera despite the enormous ammount of money they would have to pay for licencing one to another company for the minority of players) or if they'd do them end-game ships a large portion of the players wouldn't like them (plus the fact that wouldn't make sense, a strongest Fed ship in the game an alternative reality connie? cheesy).

So don't get your hopes high of ever seeing anything from JJ-verse coming to this game.
That does not, of course, exclude that the JJ reality might come in form of another MMO game, but I don't see Cryptic doing it, undercutting the number of their own players they have in a game already just to push them to the other game, specifically because, as far as I know, it has been said many times that the older Star Trek fans are a majority at the moment. (And judging from the fact Federation as a majority of players in this game have lot more content then their minority brothers Klingons, I think it is safe to say Cryptic playes on the majority-card), I don't think Cryptic would loose all it's players to capture a portion of that number catering to the minority.

Just my opinion though.
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