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02-10-2013, 04:32 PM
Just wait until after May, the uproar is going to be hilarious as usual because Cryptic broke things and didnt deliver anywhere near what they led people to believe.

Biggest thing I see coming: Sorry guys, when we made you think we were adding a completely new Romulan faction... we actually only added 6 new missions.
Oh but try the Romulan Lockbox for a chance to get the Romulan Warbird or the Scimitar Dreadnaught for 1200 Lobi

Plus: If you have the Jem Hadar Attack Ship, Jem Hadar Dreadnaught AND the Jem Hadar Escort carrier you will have access to: An exclusive set which costs 200,000 Dilithium.

What does this set do you say...

Well, first you get a hanger that launches Mogai Escorts with Torpedo Spread II, Cannon Rapid Fire III, Tactical Team, Dual Plasma Cannons, Plasma Torpedoes
You get an engine system which gives you a turn rate equal to an escort - Now you can outturn a Jem Hadar Attack Ship
You get a shield system that is double any other cruiser - Like the Scimitar had in Nemesis
You get a deflector dish that enhances science skill - Specifically the super weapon

Super weapon, you ask ? - The Complete set gives you access to the thalaron radiation AOE wave with a reduced fire time to make it reasonably useful.

Of course, no set would be complete without a big buff to plasma weaponary and it has all universal bridge stations with two commanders and two Lt.