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Originally Posted by colonelmarik View Post
I don't agree that the arcs need to be addressed. I think that's fine. However, beam weapons need to be buffed up in some way. I need not be something as basic as increased damage or lower energy cost (which would be adequate). We can be more creative than that.

The Star Trek Technical manual describes shields acting roughly in this way:

They have a resting energy state. As something interacts with them, their energy state increases, up to the maximum level. Something that strikes quickly will cause the shields to surge rapidly, while something that causes continuous damage (beams) would force the shield to operate at higher intensity for longer periods. That means they would be far less efficient against beam weapons than against cannons.

In game terms, we might simulate this in any of a number of ways. Perhaps beam weapons would cause an inherent decrease in energy transfer rate or shield recharge rate. Perhaps something as simple as an inherent critical hit chance.

In any case, beams need something done for them, but I don't think we need to change the arcs at all.
beams where considered to be the shield killers but thanks to thier natural rapid fire state they should be very effective against shields but since they drain so poorly they bottom themselves out faster before they can do what they are designed to do.
DHCs both hit shields hard and damage hull do to thier upfront damage and the buffs they recieve that further increase thier attack damage.
In my opinion beams should have access to a BOff ability similiar as CRF and be fixed so they can drop shields faster if properly buffed and used by an experienced player.
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