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02-10-2013, 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
I think a Lobi to Latinum would be perfect, it would give people a way to get Lobi items w/o spending real money.

I agree with Starkaos, a 10,000:1 conversion would work.

Another idea is having a Lobi crate offered in the Latinum store. Make it 100k Latinum and have the crate yield anywhere between 1-10 Lobi crystals. Make the crate unbound so people who don't want Lobi and have an insane amount of Latinum can sell them on the exchange.
That would be a great way to convert. I never said it should be a one to one. The whole idea is that a certain quanity first converted from one to the other, then converted back would loose some value in the process so that it would have a depreciation rate around 10-20%. With a Lobi crate in the Latinum Store, then the Lobi vendor could also convert the Lobi directly into Latinum without the need for a second contact doing the opposite.