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02-10-2013, 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by user839020189287 View Post
Thanks for sharing on the matter!

I was not trying to say Cryptic would add new content based on the new JJTrek movie. Just that it would be a good time to name brand and hook the odd, NEW ST fan into trying out STO.

Most likely, the new film-goers will check out and see that STO is being talked about there and try out the game.

Kinda like how the last movie got me interested in ST again and was the main reason I pre-ordered STO. Wasn't able to try out beta due to rl stuff but the movie planted a seed, for me. Am sure this might happen for others as well.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure peeps will stumble upon STO sooner or later, it's not the most famous MMO, but it's pretty well known, even to MMO players in general, not only to ST fans. The guys have FB/Twitter pages with lots of talking in, so that's moving in new players as well.

I do guess STO could be advertised more, but even at the moment we have a pretty good income of new players, and it's been more or less going strong since the introduction to F2P.
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